Particular attention is given to the ornaments for xmas trees, for which a big space
is dedicated in our shops, situated on the main street of Bellagio. Here you can also
find the best italian production of artistic glass objects for your home, as well as costume jewellery.
Bellagio Italy, Lake Como
Working with "dough", mosaic designing, blowing, melting and
merging. These are some of themany different tecniques
in which glass objects and articles can be modelled.
In Bellagio, we work first and foremost following the tecnique of handblowing glass.Each object is decorated by our master artisans, who work interpreting the old european tradition with their own italian fantasy and originality.
Since 1952, LAVED has been working in this manner and its experience is essential to creating a personal and unique style.


Via Garibaldi, 41/60 - 22021
22021 - Bellagio - Como
Tel. +39 031 951953 fax +39 031 950206

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