wood shop, Olive Wood, ANRI, Legno, shops in Bellagio

Luigi Tacchi Bellagio
Art Work in Olive Wood
Via Garibaldi 22, 22021 Bellagio (Co), Italy
Tel. & Fax 0039-031-950836

E-mail: tacchi.bellagio@virgilio.it

Tacchi Bellagio, wood shop, Olive WoodANRI, Legno, shops in Bellagio

Come to visit the “Bottega del Legno”, one of the oldest shops in Bellagio, founded and managed
since 1855 by the Tacchi Family.
The passion for wood has caused us to add to the objects in olive wood of our production, a vast assortment of articles, all in precious wood and of high quality, the work of first class artisans.
Tacchi Bellagio, wood shop, Olive Wood
Tacchi Bellagio, wood shop, Olive Wood

In our shop you will find bowls, cutlery, vases, cutting boards and many other ideas in olive wood.
Grinders for pepper, salt or coffee for all tastes.
Trays in hand painted wood or unpainted in all forms, colours and dimensions.
Jewel boxes in inlaid wood with or without carillon.
Reproductions of antique globe maps of all dimensions.
Copies, non functioning, of old pistols from all over the world.
Beautiful statues in carved wood by the famous firm ANRI with sacred and non sacred subjects.
Faithful scale models of celebrated sailing ships and boats and of modern motorboats for collectors of all ages.
Chess and draft boards in olive wood and other precious woods and games for those keen on them.
Pinocchio dolls from 4 to 71 inches height and many other toys in wood for the younger ones.

We send to all countries by rapid and secure transporters.
We accept payment with VISA, MASTERCARD and EUROCARD credit cards.
Contact us without obligation sending us an e-mail, a fax or telephoning us or come and visit us yourself:
our shop is open every day from 10 a.m. until 7.30 p.m. all the year round.
We shall be happy to satisfy all your needs!

wood shop, Olive Wood, ANRI, Legno, shops in Bellagio